Our story

We are a group of people that was unlikely to come together – but we did. We are not the same age or nationality and our fields of expertise are also diverse. When we met on several occasions during the last years, we had an immediate and deep connection. Five years ago, none of us would have expected to be in Tiyan together but in hindsight it all makes sense.

We always dreamed of a world where people work based on values such as honesty, no pretensions, friendship, trust, truth. We respect the diversity of thoughts because we have the same values at the core. Even the craziest idea is heard. Tiyan is the foundation to try different things, without fear of failing; a journey where we can make awesome things, as long as we keep moving forward. Tiyan means experience in Chinese.

This story is our promise to you. We present to you with an honest product. You find friendly and truthful partners in Tiyan, without pretensions, longing to hear even your craziest ideas. Know that the most important values can not be seen with the eyes but will be perceived in the experience we offer you. Join us in the experience of the journey.