We are a team of 5 entrepreneurs with complementary talents, experiences, education, and background. Competent in technique, innovation, cooperation, customer services, and organizational development, we are ready to work for the success of your business!

Marouane is our strategic genius. Doing business is no secret to him. His passion to open innovation to everyone is a great driver for the applicability of Tiyan’s products. Marouane is responsible for strategy, marketing, design, and general management.

Dimitri is our wizard. What you can think of is what he can create. As Van Gogh said, it comes to him in a dream, and then it must be made. And of course, he can also create your dreams. Dimitri is the chief technology officer.

Jean-Michel is our secret weapon. He transforms the impossible into the possible. Anything that brings innovation forward in our field, has his warm attention. He is a ViRtuoso. Jean-Michel is head of research & development.

Kar Sheng is our hope in fearful days. No sea is too high for his skills to bring back enormous problems to a tangible size and restructure them so that all can work with the solution. Kar Sheng is running projects and takes the lead in particular tech developments.

Grethe is our goldsmith. She knows what makes organizations work and what works for customers. She ensures that our inner world matches the outside world. Grethe is responsible for sales, HR, finances, legal, and general management.